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Mahe at a Glance

Mahé is the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, in the Indian Ocean off East Africa. Its terrain is defined by white-sand beaches like those in the popular resort area of Beau Vallon, and granite peaks including the rainforested Morne Seychellois. The island is also home to Victoria, Seychelles' capital, known for Creole architecture and a colorful covered market with wares like fish, fruit and clothing.

Area 155 Square Kilometers

Population 0.08 Million

Winter Temperature 26C

Summer Temperature 28C

Best Time To Visit As the Seychelles islands are blessed with a year-long warm, tropical climate, it’s always a good time to visit, although different times of year may be better suited to your particular interests.

Two opposing trade winds generally govern the weather pattern: the north-westerly trades blow from October to March when wind speeds average from 8 to 12 knots; and the brisker south-easterly trades blow from May to September with winds of between 10 to 20 knots, bringing the cooler and windier conditions ideal for sailing.

The periods of calm between the trades produce fairly warm and wind-free conditions throughout April and also in October. Conditions for swimming, snorkelling and especially diving are superb during April/May and October/November when the water temperature sometimes reaches 29ºC and visibility is often 30 metres plus.

By Cruise


Ship cruise are generally starting from Mumbai port there might be cruises which are from Chennai, Kochi or Kollam. Travelling by Ship will take around 1 week to reach Seychelles.

By Air


A number of international airlines operate flights to Mahe from India.The national carrier, Air Seychelles operates between Mahe and the islands.
From whichever Airport you depart from India, you will have to take a break at either Dubai (Emirates airways) or Abu Dhabi (Etihad airways) or Doha (Qatar airways) or Nairobi - Kenya (Air Kenya).



The options for sightseeing in Mahe are restricted to the visit to its gardens, craft centres and museums. The Botanical Gardens contains a microcosm of the island’s lush and largely unique vegetation, including the national symbol, Coco de Mer palms. The popular nut of Coco de Mer is unique to the Seychelles and is considered as one of the heaviest nut on the earth that weighs around 15-30kgs, is 40 -50 cms in diameters and contains the largest seed in the plant kingdom.

The two prominent museums in Mahe are the Natural History Museum and the National History Museum. While the Natural History Museum is interesting for the eclectic display of items, the National History Museum has more information and exhibits on the culture and history of the Seychelles.



Considered as a shoppers’ paradise, shopping in Mahe is a pleasurable experience as it offers a variety of things to shop for ranging from indigenous local crafts to some delicious eatables that are unique to this area. You can buy hand painted silks, textiles and cotton t-shirts. Browse in the art and design studios to pick up exquisitely carved bronze figurines and stain glass tiffany lamps.

Take a trip to Anse aux Pins as there is a wonderful Craft Village, which sells interesting souvenirs like Coco de Mer – the famed nut of Seychelles that has become the de-facto national symbol. Of course you must check for government certification while buying the nut as illegal possession of this famed nut is a punishable offence. You can also shop for artefacts made from local coconut shell. Each shop at this Craft Village will remind you of a Creole bungalow where you can see artists working on their particular craft. Some of the products you can buy from here include coconut oil-scented bath soaps, gorgeous paintings on silk and other coconut shell handicrafts.

Shop for some finest ceramics at the Seypot Factory in Mahe or explore the local flavour of Mahe at the roadside shops in villages where you can watch the artisans diligently working on various crafts. If you are planning to buy shells or other interesting elements from the sea like pearls then the best place to shop is your hotel’s souvenir shop as most of the hotels have souvenir shops and boutiques for visitors.

Don’t forget to buy some of the fragrant spices from the markets of Victoria or some beautiful paintings as well from the numerous art galleries present here. Antik Colony is another interesting place where you can shop for souvenirs.



There will be no problem in finding a place to eat as there are number of restaurants in Mahe that offer both regional as well as international cuisine to the diners. If you want to savour some of the delicious local delights then dine at beach restaurants as they specialise in regional cuisines. For a fine dining experience you can eat at the in-house restaurants of the hotels where you can choose from varieties of international cuisines like French, British and Mediterranean to name a few!


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