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    Adventure Tourism may be defined as a leisure activity that takes place in an unusual, exotic, remote, or wilderness destination and tends to be associated with high levels of involvement and activity by the participants, most of it outdoors. Adventure travellers are explorers of both an outer world, especially the unspoiled, exotic parts of our planet and an inner world of personal challenge, self-perception and self-mastery. Adventure tourism is rapidly growing in popularity as a tourist seeks different kinds of vacations. Adventure tourism is currently one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry.



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    Spa and Wellness had become the main territory of wealthy women wanting to lose weight and look good by the mid-20th century. Its main focus was on healthy lifestyles, fitness, spirituality and relaxation.Numbers of people use spas more and more frequently to fulfil some of their most important lifestyle pursuits. Nowadays spa experience covers not only medical and spiritual programs, but also outdoor adventures and exotic travel. These spas are located in every region, including the Middle East, and the former Eastern Bloc.The spa has turned into a popular culture, influencing everything from fashion and cosmetics. Propelled by the growing wellness trend worldwide, the spa industry is booming. The growth of spa facilities and increased awareness worldwide has led to spa-inspired beauty products, as well as the opening and blossoming of ground-breaking spas and resort all over the India..



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    Beach tours is a fantastic way to spend your holiday. India is surrounded by sea by three sides East, South and West. The Beaches of India spread across many states of India including Goa, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Andaman & Nicobar, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Maharashtra. The beaches of Goa, Kerala, Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep are very popular among foreign tourist as well as Indian tourist. You definitely can plan your Romantic honeymoon, leisure tour, water sports tour to any of the beautiful beaches. Please let us know your requirement and we will assist you to make you dream holiday come true.

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    We offer customized solutions to your travel requirements and ensure that you enjoy the any City in the correct manner.As defined by The National Trust for Historic Preservation,"Cultural heritage tourism is traveling to experience the places, artefacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes cultural, historic, and natural resources".



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    As defined by The National Trust for Historic Preservation,"Cultural heritage tourism is traveling to experience the places, artefacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes cultural, historic, and natural resources".Heritage tourism is a growing industry. Heritage and cultural travellers consistently stay longer and spend more money than other types of traveller. Heritage tourism is a powerful tool to bring preservation and economic development together. Heritage tourism provides both a stimulus and a reward for historic preservation.



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    India is a land of rich culture and diversity, where people experience and participate different types of fairs and festivals throughout the year. India is a multi religion country and every festivals celebrates its mythology, customs and traditions. All Indian Fairs & Festivals has its diversity according to the culture, Life Style, religion, language, region. In the Fairs and Festivals the celebration go through dances, music, physical activities, prayers, rituals and participating in other activities. Some famous Fairs and festivals of India are Holi (Festival of colors), Diwali (Festivals of lights), Dussehra, Kumbh Mela, Pushkar Fair, Snake Boat Fair, Desert Festival, Kite Festival, Durga Puja, Hornbill Festival, Bihu etc. Contact us to experience the Fairs & Festivals of India.



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    Tourists are attracted to mountains for many reasons like - the climate and clean air, varied topography, beautiful scenery, local traditions or perhaps the simple life styles of the mountainous people. Sport-based tourism has boomed over the past 30 years. Typical mountain activities include Mountaineering and Paragliding. Summer Activities include walking, hiking, bird watching, rafting, Mountain Biking and so on. Winter Activities include skiing, snowboarding, Sledging / Tobogganing, Icefall climbing, Snow-Shoe Trekking, Winter walking, Ice skating and so on.



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    A honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. Today, honeymoons are often celebrated in destinations considered exotic or romantic. The trend is also coming wherein the honeymoon couples prefer to visit lesser known or explored destinations just to be different from their friends and relatives. When they come back from these destinations they usually have some unusual story to tell everyone and this is what differentiates them from the common lot.



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    India is now become a dream tourist destination of the World. Due to huge tourist fall and demand, India made itself as a Luxury tourist destination. Now, India pockets some of the most luxurious hotel in the world including Udai Vilas Palace, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Ajit Bhawan Palace, Rambagh Palace etc. In some of the Forts & Palace Hotels of Rajasthan, you will get Royal experience. Enjoy the best travel experiences of lifetime, with our luxury packages designed to provide a royal experience to the tourist. Our luxury tour packages specially designed by keeping in mind the luxury accommodation, Luxury Car and other facilities. Write to us for getting a luxury tour experience in India.

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    Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions, or Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE) is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose.. Most components of MICE are well understood, perhaps with the exception of incentives. Incentive tourism is usually undertaken as a type of employee reward by a company or institution for targets met or exceeded, or a job well done. Unlike the other types of MICE tourism, incentive tourism is usually conducted purely for entertainment, rather than professional or education purposes.



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    A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place for a religious reason. A pilgrimage may be one person or a whole community travelling to perform a ritual together at a holy place. The important thing is that it is a journey to a religious place. It is not obligatory to go on a pilgrimage unlike other religions but it has been important to the Catholic Church for many centuries. It is said that life is like a pilgrimage as people move through time from birth to death. We move along, and learn new things along the way. Going on religious pilgrimages helps people in their spiritual life.



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    Trekking is making a journey/trip on foot, especially to hike through mountainous areas often for multiple days and along lovely mountains villages and enjoying nature and/or close contact with people in remote mountain villages where lifestyle sometimes is unchanged since many generations.



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    Weddings are grand affairs. Normally, it only occurs once in a lifetime. It brings about a bondage between a man and a woman



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    Actual workweek lengths have been falling in the developed world. Every reduction of the length of the workweek has been accompanied by an increase in real per-capita income.And we provide lots of weekend packages for you which is affordable and reasonable absolutely.



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    Wildlife tourism can be an eco and animal friendly tourism, usually showing animals in their natural habitat. Wildlife tourism, in its simplest sense, is watching wild animals in their natural habitat. Wildlife tourism is an important part of the tourism industry in many countries including many African and South American countries, Australia, India, Canada, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Maldives among many. It has experienced a dramatic and rapid growth in recent years worldwide and is closely aligned to eco-tourism and sustainable-tourism. Wildlife tourism is also a multimillion-dollar industry offering customized tour packages and safaris. One would expect wildlife tourism - the credo for which has been described as "Take nothing but your memories, leave nothing but your footprints"