Rapti at a glance

Rapti is one of the fourteen zones, located in the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal. It is named after the West Rapti River which drains Rolpa, Pyuthan and part of Dang districts. The remainder of Dang and part of Salyan district are drained by the Babai.

Area Covers an area of 124,400 hectares.
Capital 2,845 to 8,848 m
Population 3,025 Persons
Official Languages Nepali

Rapti (Nepali: राप्ती अञ्चल ) is one of the fourteen zones, located in the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal. It is named after the West Rapti River which drains RolpaPyuthan and part of Dang districts. The remainder of Dang and part of Salyan district are drained by the Babai. The remainder of Salyan and all of Rukum districts are drained by the Bheri.

The headquarters of Rapti is Tulsipur and the largest city is Tribhuvannagar (Ghorahi). Other main cities and towns of Rapti zone are Pyuthan KhalangaBijuwarLiwangLamahiMusikotRukumkot (Shova) and Chaurjahari.

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