Andhra Pradesh at a glance

Andhra Pradesh is recognized variously for its legendary dynasties, temples, beautiful language - Telugu, lacquer toys and beautiful weaves, rich literature and the vibrant Kuchipudi. Andhra Pradesh has often been called the "food bowl of the south."

There are ruins, palaces, museums, and ports apart from the sacred Tirupati, where one can leave one's prayers to be answered. Andhra Pradesh has a wide variety of wildlife and natural beauty. As one travels in the state, one can find diverse landscapes, from a lush coastal area to a dry deciduous forest to a mangrove belt.

The state is home to India's largest tiger reserve, in the Nallamai forest. The Godavari river delta is famous for reptiles like the salt-water crocodile, fishing cats and other exotic animals.

India's largest pelican refuge at Kolleru Lake, which is also a haven for migrating birds, is an important tourist site. Andra Pradesh's earliest appearance in history is found in Aitareya Brahmana (800 BC) as Dakshina Padh.

Andhras, Pulindas, Sabaras, and many other sects lived in Dakshina Padh. In the Mauryan age, the Andhras were a political power in the Deccan. Megasthenes, who visited the court of Chandragupta Maurya (322-297 BC), mentioned that the Andhra country had 30 fortified towns and an army of 1,00,000 infantry, 2,000 cavalry and 1,000 elephants.

The Buddhist religious books reveal that Andhras established their kingdoms on the Godavari belt at that time. Even Ashoka referred in his 13th rock edict that the Andhras were his subordinates. The flourishing Satvahana Empire, which followed the Mauryas, covered the entire Deccan plateau by the 1st century AD. From the seventh to the 10th centuries, the Chalukyas ruled the state. This was followed by the rule of the Cholas, Kakatiyas, and the powerful Vijayanagar Empire. By the 16th century, the Qutab Shahi dynasty established its firm foothold in and around Hyderabad.

The Nizams, as the rulers of Hyderabad were called, maintained their rule, even during the advent of the French and British.

Andhra Pradesh was constituted as a separate state on October 1, 1953, comprising the 11 districts of the erstwhile Madras state, and made Kurnool the capital. By November 1, 1956, the Nizam's state of Hyderabad was amalgamated to the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Area 160,205 sq km
Capital Hyderabad
Population 49,386,799
Official Languages Telugu

Andhra Pradesh shares its boundaries with Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Telangana and Odisha to the north, Tamil Nadu in the south, the Bay of Bengal to the east, and Karnataka in the west.


  • Deccan Festival
    Deccan Festival

    Perhaps The Most Vibrant And Enjoyable Of All The Festivals In Andhra Pradesh Is The Deccan Festival. Held In Hyderabad Every Year, The Deccan Festival Takes Place For 5 Days. This Is Organized By The Tourism Department Of Andhra Pradesh, With The Purpose To Keep The Tradition And Culture Of The Deccan Area Alive. The Deccan Festival, Consequently Also Known As The Hyderabad Festival In Andhra Pradesh Has Participants From All Over The State. The Whole State Comes Alive With A Riot Of Colors ,music, Spices And Fairs. To Celebrate The Deccan Festival Or The Hyderabad Festival In Andhra Pradesh, Programs For Cultural Extravaganza Are Arranged. There Are Ghazal Nights And Nights Of Qawalis And Mushairas, That Reflect The Age Old Tradition Of The City Of Hyderabad. There Are Also Fairs Held In The City Selling What The City Is Famous For, Radiant And Gleaming Pearls Of All Varieties As Well As The Multi Colored Bangles. There Is Also A Food Festival Arranged During The Deccan Festival, Where The Visitors Can Taste The Different Delicious And Renowned Cuisine Of Hyderabad.

  • Lumbini Festival
    Lumbini Festival

    The Lumbini Festival In Andhra Pradesh Is Celebrated Every Year, To Relive The Heritage Of Buddhism In The State. This Festival In Andhra Pradesh, Celebrated In Nagarjunasagar In Hyderabad. Lumbini Is The Place Where Gautama Buddha Was Born, And One Of The Most Important Buddhist Pilgrimage Site. This Lumbini Festival Is Organized By The Department Of Tourism Of The Government Of Andhra Pradesh Every Year For Three Days, To Highlight The Buddhist Impression Of The State. The Lumbini Festival Is The Perfect Opportunity To Relive The 2000 Year Old Past Of Andhra Pradesh When Buddhism Was A Prevalent Religion. It Is Celebrated Every Year To Observe The Significance Of Buddhism And Celebrate The Religion.

  • Maha Shivratri Festival
    Maha Shivratri Festival

    The Festival Of Maha Shivaratri Is Celebrated All Over The Country, And In Different Places And Ways In Different States. In The State Of Andhra Pradesh, The Maha Shivaratri Is Celebrated At Mainly Kalahasti, In Sri Kalahasteshwara Temple. It Is Also Celebrated At Srisailam In The Temple Of Bharamarambha Malikarjunaswamy Temple. The Maha Shivaratri Means 'night Of The Shiva' And It Is Believed To Be The Day When Lord Shiva Married Parvati. The Maha Shivaratri Festival Is Celebrated In Andhra Pradesh When Pilgrims Go All The Way To Kalahasti And Srisailam To Visit The Temples There. There Is A Strict Fast Observed Throughout The Day. Throughout The Night, The Shiva Lingam Is Worshipped By Washing It Every Three Hours With Milk, Curd, Honey, Rose Water Etc With The Holy Chant Of 'om Namah Shivaya' Chanted At The Background With Devotion And Concentration.

  • Makara Sankranti
    Makara Sankranti

    Sankranti, Also Called 'makara Sankranti' Is Celebrated To Mark The Beginning Of The Harvesting Season In India. It Is Celebrated Almost All Over The Country , Specially In Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka And Maharashtra. In Andhra Pradesh, The Makara Sankranti Is Celebrated For Three Days. During This Time, The Cultural Supremacy Of The State Comes To The Forefront As Every Place Is Andhra Pradesh Reflects The Festive Spirit. The Typical Celebration Of The 'makara Sankranti' In Andhra Pradesh Takes Place For Three Days. All Houses Are Decorated. Guests And In Laws Are Invited And Sweets Are Given Out To All. People Dress Themselves Up As Characters From Mythology. The First Day, That Is Bhogi Panduga , People Burn All Old Articles. The Second Day, Pedda Panduga Is The Sankranti Day When The Big Festival Is Held. People Are Dressed In New Clothes And Pray To God. There Are Also Feasts Arranged For The Guests. Cock Fighting Was A Favorite Game During The Makara Sankranti, But It Is Now Banned In Andhra Pradesh. The Third Day, The Kanuma Panduga Is The Day For Having Meat After The Excessive Sweets.

  • Pongal

    One Of The Most Significant Festivals Of South India, Pongal Is Celebrated Every Year To Mark The Beginning Of Uttarayana, That Is The Movement Of The Sun Towards North And To Mark The Time For Harvest. It Is A Four Day Long Festival Celebrated With A Lot Of Vigor And Merry Making In Almost Every Household. It Is Often Called The 'harvest Festival' And Is Celebrated To Commemorate The Beginning Of Harvesting Crops In The Fields. Initially A Festival Of The Farmers, Now, Pongal Is Celebrated All Over South India. The Meaning Of The Word Pongal Is 'boiling Over', As It Celebrates The Abundant Crops In The Field. Pongal Marks The Biggest Festival In The Calendar Of The Fairs And Festivals In Andhra Pradesh. Pongal In Andhra Pradesh Is Celebrated For Continuous Four Days. These Four Days Of Celebrations Are Called Bhogi Festival, Surya Pongal, Mattu Pongal And Kaanum Pongal. During Pongal Celebrations, There Are Processions Taken Out Of Cows That Are Adorned And Festooned With Ornaments. The Entrances To Each House Are Also Beautified By Colorful Kolam Designs.

  • Tirupati Festival
    Tirupati Festival

    One Of The Most Well Known Temples In Andhra Pradesh , Tirupati Is Visited By Thousands Of Pilgrims And Devotees Every Year. The Main Deity Of The Place Is Lord Venkateswara, Or Balaji Or Srinivasa Who Are Enshrined Inside The Temple At Tirupati. This Temple Is Located On The Ranges Of The Eastern Ghats, Called The Land Of The Seven Hills. The Tirupati Festival In Andhra Pradesh Refers To This Important Pilgrimage Temple At Tirupati, Which Is Visited By Devotees Throughout The Year. A Chain Of Events And Festivals Light Up The Hilltop At Tirupati. There Are A Number Of Festivals That Are Held At Tirpupati In Andhra Pradesh. The Most Well Known Festivals Are Brahmotsavam, Which Is The Most Ostentatious Festival Of Lord Venkateswara , That Is Held In The Month Of Asweeja( September-october). Everyday During The Festival, The Deity Is Taken Out In Colorful Processions Flanked By His Consorts. The Brahmotsavam Continues For 10 Days And Is One Of The Most Significant Festivals Of The Tirupati Temple.

  • Ugadi Festival
    Ugadi Festival

    The Ugadi Festival In Andhra Pradesh Is The New Year Festival That Is Celebrated Every Year As Ugadi Marks The Beginning Of The Hindi Lunar Calendar. Ugadi Marks A Day Of Joy And Happiness, Aspirations And Hope, The Belief Are That This Day And Its Joys Would Foreshadow The Course Of Events For The Upcoming Year. Ugadi Festival In Andhra Pradesh Is The Festival To Rejoice The Coming Of The New Year. It Gives The People Of Andhra Pradesh A Reason To Celebrate The Coming Of The New Year In Many Different Ways. People Wake Up Early And Wear New Clothes. The Festoons Of Mangoe(torana) Are Tied To The Doors And The Houses Are Decorated With Fresh Flowers. There Is A Special 'chutney' Called Ugadi Pachadi That Is Made During The Ugadi Festival Which Is Kept In An Earthen Pot Before The Idol Of The House. Thereafter, Puja Is Performed And Everyone Takes The Share Of The Chutney And Go For Feasts And Meals Together.

  • Vinayaka Chaturthi
    Vinayaka Chaturthi

    The Vinayaka Chaturthi, Also Called The Ganesh Chaturthi Is Celebrated All Over South India, On The Occasion Of Lord Ganesha's Birthday, The God Of All Beginnings And Success. It Is Celebrated With A Lot Of Vigor And Enthusiasm Every Year. On The Day Of The Vinayaka Chaturthi Or The Ganesh Chaturthi, People Worship The Idols Or Pictures Of The Lord For One And A Half, Five, Seven Or Ten Days. After That These Images Or Idols Are Immersed In Ceremonious Precessions Into The Hussain Sagar Lake In Andhra Pradesh.

  • Visaka Festival
    Visaka Festival

    India Is Known For Its Many Hued Fairs And Festivals That Forms An Integral Part Of The Attraction Of India. Each State, Race And Culture Comes Up With Different Fairs And Festivals That Are Different From Each Other, Each With Different Origin And Each Has A Different Way Of Celebration. Fairs And Festivals Forms An Integral Part Of The Living Heritage Of Andhra Pradesh. Visakha Utsav In Andhra Pradesh Is Celebrated With Much Pomp And Gaiety Throughout Andhra Pradesh. It Is Supposed To Be An Annual Tourism Festival Which Carries For Three Days At A Stretch. It Is Organized By The Government Of Andhra Pradesh. Visakha Utsav Brings Together The Art, Culture, Crafts, Handicrafts And Various Cuisines Of The Different Regions Of The State. Visakha Utsav Is Very Important For The People Of Vishakhapatnam. The Fair Portrays The Many Potential Present In The Region. Huge Number Of People Throngs At The Destined Venues To Enjoy Cultural Programs, Sports Activities And Cuisine Competitions And Preparations From Far And Near. Garment Exhibition Is Also Held (vastra) Along With Cultural Shows (kala) And Traditional Crafts (jataara). Heritage Tours( Yatra) And Flower Shows Are Also Held. The Government Of Vishakhapatnam Invest A Huge Amount In This Fair To Fuel The Tourism Industry In The Region.

  • Brahmotsavam

    Brahmotsavam, The Hindu Festival Is An Auspicious Festival Celebrated Every Year At The Tirumala Venkateswara Temple At Tirupati In Andhra Pradesh. According To Legends The Origin Of This Festival Is Associated With Lord Brahma. It Is Believed That Once Lord Brahma Worshiped Sri Balaji At The Catchment Area Of The Holy Pushkarini River To Thank The Lord For Fortification Of Mankind. The Festival Derives Its Name From Lord Brahma Since It Was Lord Brahma Who First Conducted This Festival At Tirupati Temple. "brahmotsava" Which Literally Means "brahma's Utsavam". The Festival Is Celebrated With Great Zeal During The Month Of October. The Celebration Of The Brahmostsava Is Performed Over Nine-day Period. On The Very First Day Of The Festival "anurarpana" Ritual Is Performed Along With The Celebration Of Shri Vishvaksena. The "anurarpana" Ritual Signifies Fertility, Abundance And Prosperity. During All Nine Days Of The Festival Various Religious Activities Like Homas And Daily Processions Were Various Idols Of The God Are Taken Out Different Chariots (vahanas) Present In The Temple.

  • Heritage & Culture Of Andhra Pradesh
    Heritage & Culture Of Andhra Pradesh

    The Rich And Varied Culture Of Andhra Pradesh Can Be Perceived From Its Melodious Music, Scintillating Dances, Delectable Cuisine, Ingenious Arts &crafts, Glorious Religions And Wonderful People. In The Earlier Times, The State Was Ruled By Several Dynasties And Empires, Which Influenced Its Cultural Heritage. Eventually, Andhra Pradesh Culture Became Rich And Creative With The Touch Of Diverse Civilizations. In The World Of Creativity, Andhra Pradesh Has Procured A High Position With Its Work Of Art. The State Is Undoubtedly A Prized Gem In The Crown Of The Indian Glory. The Ethnicity Of The State Is Also Visible From The Different Communities And Religions Followed By Them. The Relishing Dishes Of Andhra Cuisine Boast Of The 'nawabi' Style Of The Royalty. Following Links Will Throw Light On The Various Aspects Of Andhra Culture.

  • Cuisine Of Andhra Pradesh
    Cuisine Of Andhra Pradesh

    Andhra Food Is Deliciously Hot And Tangy. The Everyday Favourite Is Pulihara, Tamarind Rice Spiced Up With Sliced Green Chillies. The Telugu People Love Their Side Dishes, Pickles That'll Have You Red In The Face, Crisp Poppadums And Yoghurt. The Dosa, A Rice Pancake Is Special In Andhra. Called The Pessaratu, It Is Filled With A Savoury Semolina Preparation Called Upma.

    Famous All Over The World, The Aromatic Meat And Rice Preparation Called Biryani Belongs To Hyderabad. Taking Its Cue From The Nizams Of Hyderabad, This Distinctly Muslim Food Is Mainly Concerned With Succulent Meats, Sweet Spices And Ways Of Putting Them Together In The Most Delectable Fashion There Could Be. Fruits, Like Custard Apples, Bananas, Mangoes And The Locally Grown Grape, Anab E Shahi, Act Like An Antidote To The Spices Of The Food.

    While Andhra Cuisine (barring Hyderabadi Fare) Is Predominantly Vegetarian, The People Of The Coast Do Eat Fish And Prawns Cooked In Sesame Or Coconut. Andhra Pradesh Was A Dry State Until Recently. In Days Past The Locally Brewed Rice Toddy Was Consumed With Passion! It Still Is In The Villages, But In The Cities People Are Much Happier To Knock Back A Neat Scotch.

  • Andhra Pradesh Handcraft
    Andhra Pradesh Handcraft

    Handicrafts Have Always Been A Remarkable Feature Of Indian Art And Crafts. Andhra Pradesh Is Yet Another Great Site Offering Ample Astounding Handicrafts. The Artisans Still Make These Extraordinary Handicrafts With Dexterity. Whether It Is Needle Craft Or Bronze Castings, Metal Craft Or Stone Craft, Andhra Pradesh Has A Wide Array Of Handicrafts That Can Become A Part Of Your Lifestyle. The Eminence Of These Handicrafts Lies In Their Traditional Method Of Creation. These Handicrafts Are Loved And Adored Not Only By Indians, But People From All Parts Of The World. Many Inhabitants Of The State Still Rely On The Handicraft Industry. Scroll Down To Get More Information About The Famous Handicrafts Of Andhra Pradesh. Banjara Needle Crafts The Embroidery And Mirror Work, Created By The 'banjaras' (gypsies) On Fabrics, Have Become The Part Of Each Person's Wardrobe In India. These People Employ Their Dexterity In Needle Craft And Create Incredible Designs On Clothes. This Work Of Art Is Known For Its Intricate And Colorful Designs. Budithi Brassware In Srikakulam District, Budithi Is A Small Village That Is Known For Its Astonishing Brassware. The Items Carved Out Of Alloys Range From Traditional To Modern Ones. The Exclusive Art Articulates In The Form Of Traditional Utensils And Contemporary Pots. Brass Is Commonly Used To Make The Objects. These Objects Are Adorned With Geometric Patterns And Floral Designs. Durgi Stone Craft Durgi Is A Small Town, Located At A Distance Of 10 Km From Macherla. The Traditional Skill Of Making Sculptures Is Still Practiced And Taught At The School Of Sculpture And Stone Carving Situated Here. From Generation To Generation, These Skills Have Been Passed And The Ancient Methods Are Still Observed To Create The Masterpieces Of Art. Veena Manufacturing 'veena' Is The One Amongst The Oldest Musical Instruments Of India. No Composition Of Carnatic Music Is Complete Without The Cadence Of This Instrument. Bobbili Town Is Much Acclaimed For Manufacturing Veena. The Instruments Made Here Are Known For Their Fullness Of Tone. Moreover, They Are Available In Different Designs And Patterns. Bidri Craft Bidri Craft Is Another Craft That Serves As The Pride Of Andhra Pradesh. This Unique Art Of Silver Inlay On Metal Has Always Been Enthralling People With Its Lure. The Historical Events Reveal That This Craft Was Brought By Iran Migrants To India. The Artisans Practiced This Art And Brought It On The World Wide Panorama. In The Present Day, Bidri Craft Has Been Customized To Produce Cufflinks, Name Plates And Many More Things. Dokra Metal Crafts Dokra Metal Craft Is Quite Prevalent In The Tribal Regions Of Andhra Pradesh. In Adilabad District, The Places Like Chittalbori And Ushegaon Are The Main Promoters Of This Art. The Notable Fact About Dokra Craft Is That Each Piece Is Different From The Other. All The Objects Are Created Niftily By Hand, Boasting Of Individualistic Touch. Dokra Craft Produces Objects Like Figurines, Horses, Drummers, Atypical Spoons And Tribal Gods. Nirmal Arts Nirmal Town Of Adilabad District Is Known For Its Wide Range Of Handicrafts. The Skilled Craftsmen Make The Objects Appear Authentic With Their Brilliant Use Of Colors And Traditional Techniques Of Creating Objects. The Colors Are Extracted From The Natural Dyes. The Popular 'moghul' Miniatures Are Made On 'ponniki', Which Is A Soft White Wood. It Is Further Strengthened With Coatings Of Tamarind Seed Paste, Fine Muslin And Pipe Clay. Bronze Castings Andhra Pradesh Has Been Known World-wide For Its Amazing Bronze Castings. These Castings Require Special Skills To Create Incredible Idols. The Craftsmen Are Required To Study Details Of The 'shilpashastra'. The Aesthetics Of The Idols Are Made By Their Physical Measurements, Proportions, Description Of The Deity, Characteristics And Symbolism. While Exercising Solid Casting Of Icons, The Mould Is Prepared By Several Coatings Of Different Clay On A Finished Wax Model. This Process Provides The Fine Curves To The Cast-image. Kondapalli Toys Kondapalli Toys Are Famous For Being Eco-friendly And Different From Others. Made Out Of Softwood, Known As 'tella Poniki', The Toys Of Kondapalli Utilize Sawdust, Tamarind Seed Powder, Enamel Gums And Watercolors In Their Creation. As And When A Toy Is Carved Out From Wood, It Is Further Shaped With A Paste Made Of Tamarind, Wood And Sawdust. After The Whole Process, 'sudda' (white Lime) Is Applied On The Toy And Then, It Is Left For A Day Or Two To Dry. Subsequently, The Artists Paint The Toys In Different Colors, Indicating The Character Of The Image. Lacquer Ware In Andhra Pradesh, Etikoppaka Is Famous For Its Amazing Lacquer Ware. This Craft Involves Application Of Lacquer On Wood. Lacquering Could Be Done Either By Hand Or Machine. The Hand-lathe Is Preferred To Shape Delicate Items. The Lac Is Applied When The Objects Get Arid. In This Process, The Lacstick Is Hard-pressed Against The Woodenware Meant To Be Lacquered. Since The Object Keeps On Revolving, The Friction Generates Heat, Which Softens The Lac And Facilitates The Color To Get Stick. With The Help Of Brush, Designs Are Painted On The Figures, Objects And Toys. The Lac Bangle Is The Most Popular Lacquerware That Also Comes Embellished With Stones, Beads, Glass And Mirrors.

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