Dhawalagiri at a glance

Dhaulagiri  was one of the fourteen zones which Nepal was divided into for administrative purposes, prior to the September 10, 2015 adoption of a new Constitution, which divided the nation instead into 7 provinces. It is in the Western Development Region of Nepal. Famous trekking areas like Mustang, Muktinath, Kali Gandaki valley and Mt Dhaulagiri fall in this zone. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, the only hunting reserve in Nepal is spread over Baglungand Myagdi Districts of this zone.hawalagiri may refer to: Mount Dhawalagiri · Dhawalagiri Zone Disambiguation icon, This disambiguation page lists articles about distinct geographical locations with the same name

Area 8,148 km2 (3,146 sq mi)
Capital Dhaulagiri
Population 2496 people
Official Languages Sino-Tibetan


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