Tripura at a glance

Tripura, the former princely state, is the third smallest state that boasts of unmatched and unspoiled natural beauty. Located in northeastern India, it marks a distinctive combination of communities and cultures that impart an utterly ethnic charm to this state. Tripura, besides being ruled by Maharaja, claims to be a prehistoric land since it founds mention in the ancient epics of the Mahabharata and the Puranas.

Tripura is also the abode of Goddess Tripuri Sundari, who is believed to be one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, as per the Hindu mythology. Being dominated by the Bengalis, the state has Bengali culture in prevalence. Bengali and Kokborok (Tripuri) are the most common languages that are spoken and understood by the majority of people. Tribal people still exist and practice their own set of notions in the far-flung areas of the county.

This small stretch of land is divided into four districts-Dhalai, North Tripura, West Tripura, and South Tripura. Agartala serves as the administrative capital of the state. Tripura's economy, together with various sectors like agriculture, tourism, industry, etc, is growing slowly, but steadily. Here an exotic variety of flora and fauna can be seen in the stretched forests and hilly areas. To sum up, Tripura is though a small state but has immense potential of development.

Tripura has several potential, but unexplored sectors such as organic spices, bio-fuels and eco-tourism. The state has a wide variety of medical plants. It has 266 medicinal plants, 379 species of trees, 581 herbs, 320 shrubs and 165 climbers.

Tripura has a large base of skilled labour, making it an ideal destination for knowledge sectors. At 87.8 per cent, its literacy rate is higher than the national average rate.

Area 10,486 sq km
Capital Agartala
Population 3,673,917
Official Languages Bengali, Kokborok, English, Noyakhali, Chakma

Tripura has Bangladesh as its border on its north, west and south. Assam and Mizoram border the eastern part of the state.

  • Durga Puja
    Durga Puja

    Durga Puja, The Most Happening Festival Of The Bengalis Can Be Sensed With Its Spurt Of Fanfare On All The Four Days Of The Durga Puja Festival. This Autumnal Festival Popularly Known As Sharodotsav, Recalls The Power Of Female Shakti Symbolized By The Goddess Durga Who Slays Asura To Reestablish Peace And Sanctity On Earth Again. Bengalis All Over The World During These Days Of Durga Puja Rejoice To Their Heart's Content Reconnecting With Friends And Relatives. Durga Puja Is An Occasion When The Familiar Sound Of Dhak, Dhunuchi Nachh,the Mild Fragrance Of Shiuli, Gives A Familiar Tug To Every Bengali Heart. Durga Puja Is An Important Hindu Festival Celebrated All Over India With Different Rituals And Festivities Especially In Eastern India. It Is Celebrated In The Month Of September/october Every Year.durga Puja Is One Of The Most Important Festivals In India. Durga Puja Is More Than A Festival. It Is A Celebration Of Life, Culture, Popular Customs And Traditions. It Is A Time Of Reunion And Rejuvenation To Love, To Share And To Care. This Puja Is Commonly Known As Dussera. People Enjoy The Festival By Buying New Clothes, Eating Sweets And Prasada That Is Offered To The Goddess Durga. This Puja Is Celebrated With Great Pomp And Glory By The Indians Including Tripurans For Five Days.

  • Diwali

    Diwali Is The Most Beautiful Festival As The Entire Surrounding Is Decorated With Earthen Lamps. This Is Also Called The Festival Of Lights. On This Day, We Pray To Goddess Kali, One Who Engulfed The Entire Evil Powers From The Earth And Saved The Humanity. The Lights Of Diwali Signify The Fire That Is Kept Hidden In The Inner Soul Of Every One. With The Inner Fire, Goddess Kali Helps Us In Demolishing The Evil Thoughts With Us And Start Our Lives With A New Beginning. Goddess Kali Encourages The Human Beings To Live On This Earth And Make The Surrounding Free Form Evil And Sins. She Also Helps Us In Removing The Evil Thoughts From The Innermost Corner Of Our Souls. The Lights Enlighten The Surroundings And Also Provide Joy And Peace To Our Minds.

  • Kharchi Puja
    Kharchi Puja

    The Kharchi Puja Dwells The Surrounding For The Entire Week I.e. Seven Days. The People Of Tripura State Show Their Heart Felt Devotion Through Their Prayers And Offerings. In This Puja 14 God-goddess Are Prayed. The Entire Week Carries The Mystic Feeling That Makes This Festival Adorned By The Local People As Well As People Coming From Other Regions. It Is Very Pleasant To The Eyes And The Soul To See The Traditional Proceedings Of The Puja That Is Carried Collectively By The Tribal And Non-tribal Population Of Tripura. In This Puja, The Devotees Show Their Deep Devotion To The Goddess Earth Through Their Prayers And Offerings.

  • Boat Race at Rudra Sagar
    Boat Race at Rudra Sagar

    One Of The Most Famous Events In Tripura Is The Boat Race That Is Conducted Every Year In The Month Of August. These Are Generally Organized At Gandhacherra Or Melaghara. The Boat Race Is An Event That Holds The Eyesight Of The Tripurians As Well As The Rest Of The Globe. The Uniqueness Lies In The Competition That Is Held And Towards The End Prizes Are Distributed. The Population Of Tripura Constitutes The Hindus, The Tribal As Well As The Non Tribal. As The Large Portion Of Population Of Tripura Is The Hindus, The Activities Involved In The Fairs And Ceremonies Are Looked After By The Hindus. Thus, The Land Of Tripura Signifies The Unity In Diversity. These Races Are Held Near The Long Rivers And The Audience At The Coat Cheers For All The Teams That Take Part. People, Irrespective Of Caste And Creed Can Take Part In This Boat Race. Due To This, The Race Is Highly Appreciated And Enjoyed By The Local People As Well As People Coming From Other States And Countries.

  • Garia Puja
    Garia Puja

    Garia Puja Is Traditional Tribal Festival Celebrated In Tripura During Chaitra Month And Baisakh Month. It Is The One Of The Major Festivals Of The State. Garia Puja Is Dedicated To Worship Tribal God 'garia, The Deity Of Livestock And Wealth. This Puja Is Mainly Observed By Jhumias - People Who Follow Jhum Cultivation On Hill Areas. On This Day Goddess Shakti Is Also Worshipped And Some People Also Perform Vishnu Puja. On Garia Puja Day, The Tribal People Of Tripura Worship A Bamboo Pole That Represents The Lord Garia. The Lord Is Adorned With Flower Garlands And Worshipped With Utmost Gaiety And Pomp. According To The Age Old Traditions Of Tribals, Garia Is Pleased With Sacrificing And Presenting Fowl And Its Blood To Him. Gariya Pooja Is Celebrated As Per The Ochai Instructions.

  • Ker Puja
    Ker Puja

    Ker Puja Is An Important Ritual Observed In Tripura State Of India During The Shraban Or Shravan Month. Kerpuja Is Performed For The Welfare Of The People And It Is A Tradition That Was Started By The Erstwhile Rulers Of The Region. It Is Traditionally A Tribal Festival. A Special Area Is Demarcated For Ker Puja. Once The Puja Starts No Person Is Allowed To Enter Or Leave The Marked Area. Generally, A Barrier Made Of Bamboo Announces That Ker Is Going On In The Area.

  • Heritage & Culture
    Heritage & Culture

    Tripura, Nestled In A Tip Of The Northeast, Flourishes On The Bounties Of Nature But The Beauty Of The State Is Heightened By Its Human Resources On The One Hand And Rich Cultural Tradition On The Other. Folk Culture Of The Tribal And Non-tribal People Of The State Forms The Backbone Of Tripura's Cultural Tradition. This Is Reflected As Much In The Delicately Rhythmic Physical Movement Of The 'hoza Giri' Dance Of The Reang Tribesmen As In The Collective Musical Recitation Of 'manasa Mangal' Or 'kirtan' (devotional Songs In Chorus) Of The Non-tribals. Apart From This, The 'garia' Dance Of The Tribals, Organized On The Occasion Of New Year Festivities And Worship Of 'garia', And 'dhamail' Dance Of The Non-tribals, Organized On Familial Occasions Like Wedding Ceremony In Rural Areas As Well As Musical Duels (kabi Gaan) Between Two Rival R

  • Cuisine

    Once Again, The Strong Influence Of Bengali Community Is Visible In The Cuisine Of Tripura, As Rice And Fish Make The Essential Ingredients. People Prefer Eating Non-vegetarian Delicacies On Top Of Vegetarian Food. In Most Of The Families, One Can See Preparation Of Authentic Bengali Food. Pork, Chicken, Mutton, Beef, Turtle, Prawns, Crabs, And Frogs Are Consumed Profusely By The Non-vegetarians. Some Of The Traditional Tripuri Delicacies Are Chakhwi, Mwkhwi, And Muitru.

  • Bamboo Fruit Basket
    Bamboo Fruit Basket

    Basket Knitted Out Of Cane & Bamboo Strips, Offer A Whole Range Of Products. Exquisite Tray, Planters, Fruit Baskets Of Different Shapes, Sizes, Patterns And Designs Are Rare Combination Of Art And Utility. A Wide Range Of Baskets With Divisions Is Being Used For Making Gift Packages With Some Traditional Artistic Touches By The Consumers.

  • Furniture of Tripura
    Furniture of Tripura

    One Exclusive To Royal Palaces Continue To Have Its Excellence And Exquisite Workman Ship. For The Elegant Drawing Rooms There Are Bamboo-cane Sofa Sets, Garden Chairs, Dining Chairs, Baby Chairs, Center And Side Tables, Morah, Apple Morah Etc.

  • Mat and mat articles of bamboo
    Mat and mat articles of bamboo

    Mat And Mat Articles, Bamboo Chatai Etc. Have Good Demand In The Market. There Are Different Type Of Roll Mats Woven In The Multicolored Design Which Are Familiar For Making Door And Window Screen And Also Have Various Uses For Room Decoration. Amongst The Mat Articles, Ladies Bags, Hand Fans, Portfolio Bag (for Seminar) Etc. Are The Most Popular Items.

  • Cosmetic Item Of Bamboo
    Cosmetic Item Of Bamboo

    On The Cosmetic Table As Well, There Are Quite A Number Of Items Some Of Those Are Small Framed Mirror, Hair Clips, Powder Case, Decorative Trays Etc. Bamboo And Cane Ornaments And Ornament Boxes Are Also Very Intricate And Exquisite In Nature. Bamboo And Cane Ornaments Are Not Available In Any Other Part Of The Country As Well As In Abroad.

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